We already knew that this day was going to be somewhat lame for the most part, as it consisted almost completely of driving, with no attraction stops. We listened to Agatha Christie’s The Body in the Library and looked for anything interesting in Georgia. Let me tell you this: Georgia is a big state with not a lot of roadside attractions (unless you count taking note of the various misspellings of the word “peanut”).

We stopped for lunch in Dublin at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. Chris ate a buffalo burger, and the boys and I all had mini burgers (mine were turkey and came without the promised garlic mayo. Fie!). This lunch stop yielded most of the pictures of the day because we were all a little punchy and extremely bored.

From there it was more driving. We finished our book on CD and I napped for a while. At about 4, we arrived in Commerce, where my folks live. We stopped at my mom and dad’s house (dad is still out of the country). We chatted for a while and she showed us the things she and dad had brought back from his travels for work. After a while, she called my sister and we decided that we would go to dinner with my mom and meet up with my sister later on.

Accordingly, we drove down to the Longhorn Steakhouse. Dinner was good and fun and I had a margarita that was passable and French Onion Soup that was YUM. We dithered over dessert and decided that Mom and I would go buy something at Wal-Mart for everyone to share.

MargaritaIt Runs in the Family

We jumped off rocks in front of the restaurant while my mom called my sister to try to get hold of her again, and then we split up. Mom and I went and bought cheesecake and ice cream at Wal-Mart and I offered her some advice on good products for curly hair: since her chemo, her hair has grown back with a decided wave after she had worked with totally straight hair for almost fifty years.

The Girls

When we got back to her house, my sister and my oldest nephew were there, so we had dessert and talked. It was pleasant enough, but we had to leave after a short visit. By the time we got to our hotel, it was raining and Andy was asleep. I stayed up late to get some of the previous entries uploaded and supplied with pictures. Another late night!