Park entrance
The entrance to Amicalola Falls State Park. The wedding party had planned a church service at one of the shelters in the park.

Joel's baptism
Joel Falardeau is baptized by Mike Grovak in Little Amicalola Creek. The location was only chosen after the morning's church service. Susan, in a good demonstration of excellent wifely skill, not only found a sheltered and picturesque spot, but also waded in to ensure an appropriate depth. This baptism was not only well-attended by witnesses from church and family, but also by several random strangers who couldn't resist the lure of a crowd of people staring down at the water.

Joel and Susan
Susan and Joel, the bride and groom, on the day before their wedding.

Amicalola Falls
The Amicalola Falls are 729 feet tall--the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River.

Katherine found some graffiti written in the Cyrillic alphabet. It was fun to find that so shortly after her trip to Ukraine!

Chris and the boys resting on the hike
The trail up to the falls has 175 stairs, and we needed to take a rest from time to time.

Hijinks at Pizza Hut
There isn't always a lot to do at Pizza Hut. So when the party palled in Dahlonega, Steven livened things up by decorating Chris's ear with the only thing to hand, a straw wrapper.

Steven jumping into the pool
Steven tries out another daring jump into the hotel swimming pool.