Fort Discovery
We had heard that it's unwise to meet one's Internet friends alone or in a secluded place; therefore I made my plans to meet Ruth along with my backup of one strapping young man and two highly-jazzed young boys. The venue? Well, how much more public can you get than a children's science museum? Plus, if things get out of hand, you can always threaten them with a dunk in the wave demonstration.

Waiting for the show
The name of the science demonstration was "Chill and Flow." It sounded exciting enough. It was! I mean, liquid nitrogen, people. Whooo! We all ate freshmade vanilla ice cream (now with nitrogen!!). So far, none of us has developed superpowers, though, so that's a disappointment. Oh, and this picture is of all of us. It was taken by "Brian," who was masquerading as "Ben."

Chris on the bike

They had this neat bike thing that worked with balance, blah blah blah (I'm sure there was some scientific principle behind it, but we weren't paying attention, as Ruth and I were busy discussing the possible deleterious effects that we would experience if we rode the bike. "I would pass out." "I would throw up." "I wouldn't throw up but I would THINK I was going to throw up.").

Chris with horns

There was this whole optical illusion thing (Ruth still twitches if you ask her about the Impossible Fork). Quick, which horn is longer--the red one, or the yellow one?

Ruth and Katherine at Olive Garden

One picture is worth a thousand words. I'll let you decide what thousand words this one conveys.