Approaching Franklin from the north, you can turn left onto Main Street and leave US-31. Several of the old touring guides from the 1910s and 1920s recommended turning right on Walnut Street to enter Franklin, specifically because it had brick pavement. However, I believe that the original Madison State Road continued along Main Street until it angled due south toward the county courthouse because I see this route existed on older city maps. I can only assume that the road material on this stretch couldn't compare to the wonder that must have been on Walnut Street in that era.

The Province Hospital is on the northwest corner of Main and Madison in Franklin, Indiana. It was built in 1906 and was the first and only hospital in Johnson County until after World War II.

The Historic Artcraft Theatre is on the east side of Main Street in Franklin, Indiana.

The theatre was built in 1922 as a vaudeville house. They later began showing movies. It was the center of the small town of Franklin. The Artcraft holds one of the first "air conditioners": cool water from a well in the basement would be pumped past a large fan which would extract the cold from the water and blow it through the theatre.

Franklin Heritage bought the theatre in April of 2004 and is working to restore this Art Deco theatre back to its original glory.

The Johnson County Courthouse in Franklin, Indiana. Photo is taken looking south on Main Street as it crosses Madison Street. On the left is the Historic Artcraft Theatre.

Upon reaching the Johnson County Courthouse at Jefferson Street, I recommend turning right onto Jefferson and going left on West Court Street around the courthouse. The town center of Franklin is somewhat unusual in that the streets on both sides of the courthouse (West Court and East Court) are both one-way south. Most town centers usually have parallel roads that run in opposite directions around courthouses. So if you are following this route from the south, you will probably want from Monroe Street to head north on Water Street and then west on Jefferson to get to the courthouse.

View of East Court Street in downtown Franklin, Indiana, looking northeast from Monroe Street. These buildings face the Johnson County Courthouse.

The Johnson County Courthouse in Franklin, Indiana. Photo is taken looking north from Monroe Street.

From the courthouse, you should follow Monroe Street eastbound until you reach Branigan Boulevard, where there is a statue of Benjamin Franklin on the southeast corner.

As Old US-31 enters Franklin, Indiana, from the south as Branigin Boulevard/State Street, it passes Franklin College.

The Indiana Masonic Home is on the south side of Franklin, along Old US-31. It first opened in 1916 and is mentioned as a landmark in the 1925 Mohawk-Hobbs Guide to the Dixie Highway (although this route was not on the Dixie Highway, it was considered a better alternative).

Welcome sign for Franklin, Indiana when northbound on Old US-31.

Northbound on Old US-31 in Johnson County, approaching Franklin, Indiana.

Just past County Road 300 South, you will need to turn left as US-31 merges back with the Madison State Road just long enough to branch off again. You will need to immediately turn left again onto Amity Road (County Road 550 East) to follow the old alignment through what is left of Amity, Indiana. The old alignment will drop you back out again onto US-31 in fairly short order, where you need to turn left again onto US-31.