The Second Street bridge in Columbus is technically not on the Madison State Road, but I wanted to get some pictures of it.

Looking downstream (southeast) from the Third Street bridge as the White River passes under the quadripod Second Street Bridge in Columbus, Indiana.

Facing northeast across the Second Street Bridge in Columbus, Indiana. The bridge offers an impressive view of two of the city's notable structures: the Bartholomew County Courthouse and the tower of First Christian Church. The bridge is fully suspended and the 40 cables that support the structure are in the shape of a fan.

The east side of the Bartholomew County Courthouse in Columbus, Indiana. The Madison State Road originally came down Washington Street to the courthouse at the intersection with Third Street.

Bartholomew County Veterans Memorial and Bartholomew County Courthouse in Columbus, Indiana.

The Crump Theatre at 425 3rd Street in Columbus, Indiana. The building dates to 1874 and was renovated in 1941 in Art Moderne style, including its dramatic facade, with its two-story tall vertical marquee, illuminated by chaser lights.

The Madison State Road leaves Columbus on what is now called State Street which was formerly IN-7 but has been re-designated IN-46 when IN-46 was re-routed south of town instead of north of town.

Welcome sign on IN-46 westbound entering Columbus, Indiana.

Facing northwest on IN-7 as it approaches its junction with US-31 southeast of Columbus, Indiana. IN-7 now doesn't officially begin until it departs IN-46 just before its junction with US-31.