Welcome sign to Madison, Indiana on the Madison State Road for traffic on southbound Lanier Drive (IN-7).

The original Madison State Road routing did not follow Cragmont Street. Coming into North Madison on Lanier Drive, you would have headed down to Green Road and angled southeast on State Street all the way over to the Michigan Road. The Michigan Road would be followed south as it descended to West Street and on to downtown Madison, turning east on Main to the courthouse. We took this routing on the way into town but didn't take any photos. On the way out of town, we did take Cragmont Street and took some beautiful shots as IN-7 passed by Hanging Rock.

View of Cragmont Street (IN-7) looking northwest from Hanging Rock, Madison, Indiana.

Hanging Rock, Madison, Indiana.

View of Cragmont Street (IN-7) looking south from Hanging Rock, Madison, Indiana.

Facing north at the intersection of Main Street (IN-56) and Jefferson Street (US-421), Madison, Indiana. The Madison State Road would have begun here, heading to the left along Main Street until reaching West Street.

South side of the Jefferson County Courthouse, Madison, Indiana.

Facing south toward the Ohio River on Jefferson Street just south of its intersection with Main Street (IN-56), Madison, Indiana. The ferries across the Ohio to Kentucky would have picked up travelers in this area.

Ohio River Bridge from the McCauley Overlook, Madison, Indiana.