After leaving Columbus, the Madison State Road stays somewhat rural, avoiding several smaller towns that grew along the railroad. My 1876 Indiana atlas indicates that it did not pass through Elizabethtown, Tannersville, Scipio or Queensville, whether that is accurate or not, I cannot tell. It does go through Scipio now.

We decided to stop for lunch at the Broad Acres Restaurant, on the west side of IN-7, north of North Vernon, Indiana. It was a Sunday around noon and they offered a lunch buffet. The main courses on the buffet were fried chicken or ham. I tried the fried chicken, and it was marvelous. The food was tasty and really hit the spot. We arrived just before the church crowds descended, but as a buffet it wouldn't have mattered too much either way.

The building housing the Broad Acres Restaurant at one point had drive-in service to the left, which is why the right portion of the restaurant has a sign "Dining Room" glowing above it.

A sign made of pipes spelling out "PIPES" in front of Stearns Supply Center on the east side of Indiana State Road 7, north of North Vernon, Indiana.

Facing southeast on State Street (IN-7) at its junction with IN-3 in North Vernon, Indiana.

Facing northwest at the intersection of State Street (IN-3 and IN-7) and Walnut Street (US-50) in North Vernon, Indiana.

This marker in North Vernon, Indiana, for the "Guthrie Trail" is a boulder sitting on the west side of State Street (IN-3 and IN-7) just south of its intersection with Walnut Street (US-50). William Anderson Guthrie was at one time a senator. The Madison-Columbus Highway highway was renamed "Guthrie Trail" in honor of him.

Approaching North Vernon, Indiana on State Street (Indiana State Roads 3 and 7). The sign features the name of the mayor: Harold "Soup" Campbell.

Approaching Vernon, Indiana from the south on Indiana State Road 7. The Jennings County Courthouse is visible just left of the center of the photograph.

Facing southbound on Indiana State Roads 7 and 3 as they cross the Vernon Fork of the Muscatatuck River just south of Vernon, Indiana. In the distance, State Road 7 branches to the left and State Road 3 branches to the right.