We ate breakfast at the Comfort Suites. We had noticed that there were signs in the room and in the lobby that attempted to discourage people from stealing furnishings in the room, by putting prices on them. Apparently the pillow could be taken from the room for $25. We asked to buy one at the front desk because Katherine considered it the best pillow ever. However, they said they did not have any extras at the moment and the desk clerk gave Katherine his card to contact him later.

We stopped to get gas at the Shell station (), and entered the ramp for I-70 westbound. We followed I-70 to the junction with I-68, and followed I-68 westbound. We followed the Interstate past Grantsville to the place where US-40 split off westbound toward Pennsylvania. We then followed US-40 across Pennsylvania, through Uniontown. We got a picture or two of some of the newer replacement mile markers on the way. We photographed a Madonna of the Trail at Beallsville. We followed US-40 until the junction with I-79 just outside of Washington, PA. We took I-79 northbound and I-70 westbound to rejoin US-40 on the west side of Washington. We found a Pizza Hut by the exit (), and stopped there for lunch.

Steven's school called on our cell phone and apparently had no idea why he had been gone from school for so long.

From Washington, we followed US-40 westbound, paralleling I-70, all of the way to the junction near Wheeling and Triadelphia. We went past one of the S-bridges near West Alexander, Pennsylvania and got a photo. From there, we took I-70 westbound. We stopped for gas one more time at the Shell station in Thorntown, Ohio (), and followed I-70 all of the way back to Indianapolis.