Katherine was feeling rather sick and stayed at the hotel instead of going to services. Of course, she picked the day when the cleaning woman was due.

On the way homne from services, Chris and the boys got stuck at the corner of Marietta Pike and Stony Battery () by a police detail who had blocked the route for the presidential motorcade. Apparently President George W. Bush had chosen that day to make a midday appearance before the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the police had blocked off all access to Stony Battery Road at least 30 minutes before he was scheduled to come through after the speech. The road was eerily silent with neighbors bringing out lawn chairs and standing along the road waiting to glimpse the motorcade. We parked at the church there and chatted with the locals. So this made us almost an hour late getting back to the hotel to see Katherine, who was quite worried about our whereabouts.

Katherine was feeling a little better, and we headed out to lunch at Denny's (), where Chris had the Mushroom and Swiss Chopped Steak sandwich, Katherine had Nachos, Steven had Grilled Cheese, and Andrew had pizza.

We stopped by Toys 'R' Us () so that we could get some toys for the boys, and by Wal-Mart (). It was getting to be late afternoon, so we drove down to Willow Valley and shopped in their Family Gift Shop before our dinner engagement with Lillie Mahone, Patty Jones and Bonnie Harrell at the Willow Valley Family Restaurant ().