We checked out of the Outlaw Inn, and we went to breakfast at the Village Inn in Rock Springs. We were already in our wedding clothes, so we got a bit of attention. One elderly man came over and talked about how he'd managed to avoid marriage--except for that one time he got drunk and got married, but that was fifty years ago and didn't last! After breakfast, Katherine was dropped off at Jordan's mother's house to prepare for the wedding.

Canyon Rim Campground
Chris and the boys drove the 75 minute trip down to the wedding location at the Flaming Gorge reservoir. They stopped at the Red Canyon Lodge for lunch, where Chris and Andy both had grilled cheese sandwiches and Steve had a hamburger.

We then went to the wedding site at the Canyon Rim Campground.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Matt and Jordan's wedding site was at a campsite that overlooked the Flaming Gorge reservoir. The wedding party stood about six feet from the edge of the cliff, in the shade of the pine trees.

Matt and Jordan
The bride and groom, Jordan and Matt.

Katherine the bridesmaid
Katherine made a beautiful bridesmaid in the wedding party.

After the wedding, we drove through Green River, where Chris and Katherine were married on this day 11 years earlier. We drove by the hall where we were married, and drove by Evers Park where we had held our reception. We also drove by one of Katherine's former homes, and the courthouse where we got our marriage license.

Mike, Jordan, Cindy, Katherine
We drove to the Log Inn in Rock Springs for Matt and Jordan's wedding reception. We were all served prime rib with baked potatoes. Katherine was reunited with her Rock Springs High School class of 1995 friends: Mike Manzer, Jordan Love, and Cindy McCoy.

After the reception, we drove to the Quality Inn and checked in to room 194.