Bluebell cabin at Teton Village KOA
We left our cabin at the Teton Village KOA and drove into Jackson. We ate breakfast at the Village Inn, which we discovered is the home of huge breakfasts.

Farson Mercantile, Farson, WY
From Jackson, we took US191 South to Farson, Wyoming. In Farson, we stopped at Farson Mercantile, where Chris and Katherine went on a double date in the spring of 1995 with John and Ruth Berry to have ice cream.

Chris and Katherine eat ice cream
We had some ice cream in honor of one of our few dates before we were married. Chris had the "mama bear" size of chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone, Katherine had the "mama bear" size of coconut pineapple in a waffle cone, Steve had the "baby bear" size of root beer ice cream, and Andy had the "baby bear" size of Play-Doh ice cream. This really is the worst picture ever of Katherine, by the way. Look, you can see right up my nose!

Rock Springs, Wyoming
We continued on US191 South to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where Katherine lived for about a year--from June 1994 to July 1995.

Outlaw Inn
We checked in to our room at the Best Western Outlaw Inn, #142. We picked up Katherine's bridesmaid dress from the bride's mom's house. I took some laundry over to drop off at the laundromat on 9th.

We drove by Katherine's old home on Cottonwood Drive and stopped by the post office to get more post card stamps. We then dropped Katherine off at the church where the wedding rehearsal was being held.

Chris and the boys then went to the recently remodeled Pizza Hut and had a medium black olive pizza with breadsticks. On the way out of the building we saw a field mouse scurrying along the side of the building and into the parking lot.

Chris and the boys then went swimming at the hotel swimming pool, and then went to pick up the laundry.