Date of Review 2006-12-05, 11:30 a.m.
Sandwich name Arby's Reuben Combo
Price Per Reuben (PPR) $5.99
Reuben Delivery Time (RDT) 7 minutes 
Reuben Dimensions 13x11x5 cm (715 cm3
Included side items Regular or curly fries and a medium drink
Bulk to cost ratio 119 cm3/dollar 

Reuben Ingredient Matrix (RIM) Rye bread Corned beef Swiss cheese Sauerkraut 1000 Island
Arby's X X X X X

Description (taken from the menu):
Arby's Reuben Combo: None

Sandwich presentation:
The sandwich was cut down the middle and wrapped in wax paper. The sandwich had Thousand Island dressing spread on both slices of bread, with Swiss cheese followed by sauerkraut under the layer of corned beef.

Reuben Eater Rankings
Paul Hart C B+ C C B B
Ron Loughmiller C B C C C C
Summary C B+ C C B- B-

Reuben Ruminations:

: I would've given an overall grade of "C" but the curly fries and the Jamocha shake raised it a grade. The marbled rye was not toasted, so the sandwich was a bit soggy. This also was available in a wrap instead of rye bread. The taste was average at best, but what do I expect from an Arby's. The service was fast, hence the name "fast food". I doubt if I will eat another. ()

: The taste was OK, but nothing above average. The bread was marbled rye but not toasted or grilled, therefore making it a little on the soggy side. The overall experience was no more then normal for a fast food restaurant but it was doable for a fast in and out lunch. ()