Date of Review 2004-08-24, 11:31 a.m.
Sandwich name Reuben
Price Per Reuben (PPR) $7.25
Reuben Delivery Time (RDT) 13 minutes 
Reuben Dimensions 14x11x5.5 cm (847 cm3
Included side items pickle and chips
Bulk to cost ratio 117 cm3/dollar 

Reuben Ingredient Matrix (RIM) Rye bread Corned beef Swiss cheese Sauerkraut 1000 Island
Sunrise Cafe X X X X X on side

Description (taken from the menu):
Reuben: (Voted #1 Sandwich Indy's Northside) Fresh Sliced Corned Beef, Sauerkraut & Swiss Cheese On Our Grilled Marble Rye Bread

Sandwich presentation:
The Reuben was cut in half down the middle and served on a patterned china plate. Each half of the sandwich was pierced with a toothpick, and the chips were placed between the Reuben halves. To one side of the sandwich was a pickle spear, and to the other side was a large plastic cup of thousand island dressing. There was a slice of Swiss cheese lining both the top and bottom slices of marbled rye bread. Between the Swiss cheese was the corned beef, wrapped both above and below the sauerkraut.

Reuben Eater Rankings
Fred Autio B+ A- A A A A-
Jay Bogan B+ A- A A A A
Brad Bruno A A B B B+ A-
Tim Foster A A- A- B+ A A-
Carl Klutzke A- B A A- A A-
Mike Kubik A A A- B+ A A
Carl Rothenbacher A A- A- B A A-
Chris Rowland A A- A- A- A+ A
Brian Skiles A B+ B+ B+ A A-
Aimee Zahora A A A A A A
Summary A A- A- A- A A-

Reuben Ruminations:

: Great atmosphere and service. Super quick food preparation and delivery to the table. Nice looking sandwich and fries. Good textured bread with a strong rye flavor. Good portion of meat, kraut and cheese. The Thousand Island was on the side. ()

: The taste was great but I think my sandwich had about half of the required amount of corned beef. The bread was excellent, probably the best I've had yet. The dressing I thought was not as good as others we've had. ()

: Great bread and overall great taste! The fries were average. I would recommend it to my friends! Yummy! ()

: The Reuben was quite nice and the weirdest thing about it was that I could taste the cheese! All of the flavors blended together nicely yet you could still taste each item. My fries were just a little bit cooler then they should have been. ()

: This place is a little hard to find in the office park, but you can mostly follow the signs off 116th street. It seems a rather strange place for a restaurant, surrounded by the office buildings. The inside is nicely decorated, and in good repair, but the ceiling is a bit strange: exposed ductwork painted navy blue, not black. I suppose they wanted it to match the rest of the decor, but I'd think black would be less noticeable. The place didn't seem very busy, but I think this may be a feature of the seating arrangements. There's a sort of bar area in the center of the restaurant (vacant at the time of our visit), with smaller dining areas arranged around it. This may have also had the desirable effect of distributing noise, because I had no problem hearing my fellow diners (on the other hand, I could also hear BeeGees music playing in the background at one point, which wasn't all that desirable). I didn't smell any smoke. The service was uniformly quite good. Our waitress didn't seem surprised at all that so many of us ordered Reubens, which is a refreshing change: I think that's a sign that they sell a lot of them. We also noticed that Reubens are the Wednesday lunch special. Water was provided with lemon. The sandwich came out with some good rippled chips, a pickle spear, and a big plastic cup of dressing (good for dipping). The bread was marbled attractively, with big swirls, and nicely toasted. I didn't notice the flavor of the bread so much (I was rather surprised to hear Fred complaining about it) except one bite that had a burst of caraway flavor. There was lots of meat and well-drained kraut, and in a refreshing change over my last few Reubens, enough cheese that I could actually taste it. Our waiter brought extra napkins without asking, and our bill was broken out individually without any complaint (though we paid at the front counter, which perhaps helps with breaking up the bill). It was a tasty meal, and I didn't walk away hungry. Karen had the tuna steak, and though I think it was overcooked for the "medium" level that she requested, she was also pleased with the place and said we should come back some time. I wouldn't object to that. ()

: The Reuben at Sunrise Cafe was so tasty that I tried to steal my friend's last half when he wasn't looking. I'm starting to notice a commonality with great Reuben establisments, they make their own bread. The bread was the best feature, a marbled rye, buttered on both sides and lightly crispy. The cheese had more flavor than most, the meat was perfectly sliced and very tasty. The sauerkraut was drained thoroughly and fresh; average Reuben establishments need to take notice. The dressing, which was served on the side, was tangy with the right consistency. The atmosphere was average, but I would've eaten this Reuben in a dumpster. Another "top five" Reuben. ()

: A nice, solid Reuben! ()

: The dining area had an intimate feeling to it, and was clean. The staff was friendly, bringing the meals quickly and leaving the check so that we didn't have to flag her down later. The bread was really thick and delicious--it certainly tasted homemade. The corned beef was good and the sauerkraut and cheese flavors were well integrated. I appreciated having the thousand island dressing on the side (in plentiful supply) so that I could apply it liberally as needed. I was very pleased by the experience at the Sunrise Cafe and wish it were closer to my place of employment so I could enjoy it again soon. ()

: This is another tasty Reuben. All of the tastes blended together well to make for a good sandwich. The service was quick, and they handled the separate checks thing with no difficulty at all. I think they're the best so far for handling a large Reuben group. I'd definitely eat their Reuben again. ()

: The Sunrise Cafe offers a truly delicious Reuben. I especially like the marbled rye and pumpernickel bread. The sauerkraut was well drained and the thousand island was provided on the side, which eliminated the soggy break factor that is so common among Reubens. The atmosphere at the Cafe is pleasant and quiet and made for an enjoyable overall experience! ()