Date of Review 2003-07-22, 11:30 a.m.
Sandwich name Reuben
Price Per Reuben (PPR) $4.50
Reuben Delivery Time (RDT) 10 minutes 
Reuben Dimensions 15.5x10x4.5 cm (698 cm3
Included side items Pickle spear, bag of chips
Bulk to cost ratio 155 cm3/dollar 

Reuben Ingredient Matrix (RIM) Rye bread Corned beef Swiss cheese Sauerkraut 1000 Island
Airport Deli X X X X X Russian

Description (taken from the menu):
Reuben: none

Sandwich presentation:
The sandwich was on lightly toasted rye bread, cut down the middle and served on a foam plate next to a pickle spear. There was some Russian dressing directly on the bottom slice of bread, followed by a slice of Swiss cheese. The corned beef came next, intermingled with the sauerkraut and topped with more Russian dressing. A second slice of Swiss cheese was added just below the top slice of bread.

Reuben Eater Rankings
Gjoko Baloski B A B B A A-
Brad Bruno B+ B+ B+ B A- B+
Matthew Durkee C B A C+ A+ B
Andrea Heininger B A B B A A-
Larry Jahnke B- B C C C C
Jim Kidd A- B A A+ A
Carl Klutzke B- A B A B+ B+
Bill Mahan C C C B B C
Chris Rowland A- A B B A A-
Brian Skiles A- A B- B+ B+ A-
Summary B A- B B A A-

Reuben Ruminations:

: I had the platter (with fries and antipasto salad). The sandwich was soggy and had a little too much kraut for my liking. The cherry crisp was good! Overall the sandwich was good, with fast service--another happy Reuben Tuesday! ()

: Way too much kraut. The kraut should not be a primary ingredient but rather for taste and added texture. The amount of kraut also made it a very soggy sandwich. However, the service is first-rate, although the atmosphere is lacking. ()

: I found the meat very tasty. I highly enjoyed the Russian dressing. The sandwich as a whole was soggy, but I still found it enjoyable. ()

: The interior seemed cramped although the ceiling fan designed to look like a WWII fighter plane engine cowl was a nice touch. Of course I arrived as everyone was leaving. I was given the heads up about "too much dressing" making the sandwich somewhat soggy, so I took heed to the warning and asked for "light on the dressing". I noticed a collection of guests that appeared to be "locals" and even a uniformed airline employee that said they frequent there quite often. Usually that's a good sign. After I ordered, I was told to take a seat and they would bring my sandwich out. After several minutes, a server walked by and said "Reuben, light on the sauce", which signaled me to raise my hand. I received a sandwich clad in toasted whole wheat bread which didn't appear to be the best idea to cover an already somewhat moist sandwich. I've always heard the expression "soup sandwich" and now I have experienced it. After eating about two-thirds of it, I was then made aware that I was given someone else's sandwich (the reason for the whole wheat). I finished what I was given and continued to eat the chips provided until I found the pickle buried underneath. Just as I was taking in the last bite, the server brought me a Reuben on rye wrapped to go with a sincere side order of apologies. The value was good, but I found the sandwich (including the to-go that I ate as a late dinner) to be disappointing. The corned beef was also a bit on the fatty side. Good intentions aside, unfortunately I probably wouldn't return unless it was for the barbecued pork which appears to be their forte. ()

: Since I had personal commitments, I could not eat with the group. I chose to go early and take one to go. The Reuben was quickly prepared in 2 minutes. When consumed at my desk, I noticed it was lightly grilled such that the bread, while brown, was still soft. The kraut was placed between layers of beef. The amounts of ingredients were well balanced. The sandwich comes with potato chips, but I chose to also get a serving of mustard potato salad. Its taste goes quite well with that of the sandwich. I hope we return again soon. ()

: Nice little place, adequate parking, clean and bright. The staff was very friendly and helpful, I only subtracted for having to stand in line and order, and because they don't appear to take credit cards. Presentation was on a styrofoam plate with a plastic fork; entirely adequate, but I have to subtract a bit here too in comparison to places that use real china and silverware. On the other hand, because of such measures, the price was very reasonable. I was able to get a reuben platter with good fries, good macaroni salad, two pickle spears (which I ignored: don't much care for pickles), and a drink for a price that would only get me a reuben at some other places we've been. Beverages can be purchased in cans from a cooler for $1, or from the fountain with free refills for $1.17 (if I remember right). I opted for the can because I was able to get caffeine-free Diet Coke that way: not many places serve soda that's both diet AND caffeine-free. I also asked for and recieved a complimentary cup of ice, because I hate drinking out of cans. The reuben itself had good quality corned beef in good quantity. The rye bread, swiss, and kraut seemed to be in ample supply, but they were hard to taste because of the dressing. The dressing was good, a homemade Russian rather than the typical thousand-island (which makes it an even more traditional reuben than is usual), but there was just too much of it. I seemed to have a big dollop of it in the middle of both slices of my bread, and it sogged right through (it might also have helped if the bread was more thoroughly toasted). If there had been less dressing, and it was spread out more evenly, this would very likely receive an A on taste, and that's exactly what I intend to ask for the next time I go back. ()

: The service was quick (10 minutes) and the restaurant was clean. The sandwich was very soggy, which detracted from my ability to enjoy it fully. Perhaps there was too much sauerkraut. The dressing was a little on the strong side as well, which also detracted from the sandwich. ()

: My sandwich was lightly grilled, and the bottom was rather soggy. There was a lot of Russian dressing on this Reuben. I had never had a Reuben with Russian dressing before, but I really enjoyed it. An employee mentioned that the dressing was homemade and I highly recommend it--but it was applied a little heavily and unevenly on the Reuben. The dining room was very clean--the restaurant looks like a converted house with a lot of posters of airplanes on the walls. The staff was very courteous and accommodating to our group. The sandwich was balanced well, and it's hard to beat the value in terms of sandwich bulk-to-cost ratio, especially since it included a bag of potato chips. ()

: The thing that stood out most about the sandwich was the sauce. They actually used Russian dressing, which was really good on the Reuben. The only thing that the sandwich needed was to be grilled longer. There was so much sauce that it got soggy and was difficult to eat. I was pleased with the sheer quantity of ingredients in the sandwich as well. It was a really good value. ()