Date of Review 2005-10-25, 12:33 p.m.
Sandwich name Reuben Sandwich
Price Per Reuben (PPR) $6.99
Reuben Delivery Time (RDT) 21 minutes 
Reuben Dimensions 14x12x3 cm (504 cm3
Included side items Pickle slices and one side order (choose one of fifteen options)
Bulk to cost ratio 72 cm3/dollar 

Reuben Ingredient Matrix (RIM) Rye bread Corned beef Swiss cheese Sauerkraut 1000 Island
Billy Gene's Restaurant X X X X  

Description (taken from the menu):
Reuben Sandwich: Grilled slices of lean corned beef, sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread.

Sandwich presentation:
The sandwich was on rye bread, cut diagonally and served back to back on a white plate next to three pickle slices. The sauerkraut was directly against the bottom slice of rye, followed by the layers or corned beef. The beef was covered with melted Swiss, and the top slice of rye bread was secured by a flagged toothpick through each half.

Reuben Eater Rankings
Chris Rowland B A A- A A A-
Katherine Rowland A- A B A B- A
Summary B+ A B+ A A- A-

Reuben Ruminations:

: This restaurant has friendly service and a nice family atmosphere. The restaurant is situated so that you have a beautiful view overlooking the Guadalupe River. The sauerkraut on the Reuben was good, but the lack of any dressing was noticeable. The corned beef flavor was great. The bread had a strong caraway flavor and the Swiss cheese actually stood out. There was definitely a lot of tang to the sandwich. ()

: A moist Reuben despite the lack of dressing, but it still needed it, I thought. A good solid wall of flavor. The bread could have been more 'rye'. The service was friendly but inaccurate. ()