Date of Review 2008-04-04, 11:30 a.m.
Sandwich name The Reuben
Price Per Reuben (PPR) $7.25
Reuben Delivery Time (RDT) 5 minutes 
Reuben Dimensions 15x12x6 cm (1080 cm3
Included side items Pickle spear
Bulk to cost ratio 149 cm3/dollar 

Reuben Ingredient Matrix (RIM) Rye bread Corned beef Swiss cheese Sauerkraut 1000 Island
Sunbreak Cafe X X X X X

Description (taken from the menu):
The Reuben: Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese

Sandwich presentation:
The sandwich was thick fresh-baked marbled rye, toasted then steamed. Thousand Island was put on the bottom slice of rye, followed by the sauerkraut, Swiss, and corned beef.

Reuben Eater Rankings
Andrew Mohl A B+ A A A A
Michael Molnar A+ A- A A A- A+
Dan Pace A+ A A- A A A
Summary A+ A- A A A A

Reuben Ruminations:

: The Sunbreak Reuben is quite possibly the most amazing sandwich ever. The kraut is smooth and complements the corned beef perfectly. The pickle spear could be crisper. God bless the Reuben on marbled rye! ()

: Excellent, thick fresh-baked marbled rye, toasted then steamed. Loaded with mounds of tender, thin-sliced corned beef. Sauerkraut is flavorful yet not overpowering. Order your sandwich at the counter and they make it right there. This is exactly the kind of place you would go for a Reuben. They even bus your table for you. ()

: HUGE sandwich. The bread is nice and thick, toasty, and chewy with good rye taste. Lots of tender corned beef, nice sauerkraut that isn't overpowering. The swiss cheese could be a little more assertive, but overall good balance of flavors. The cheese is not placed between the bread and kraut, but the bread didn't get soggy. Pleasant atmosphere with a staff that works quickly. Great sandwich! ()